Musical Tales from Delos

Being basic to mankind’s fundamental nature, the singing of stories has been universally practiced worldwide since time immemorial. But over the past Millennium, storytelling in song has evolved into more of an art form that continues to reflect all facets of elemental human spirit.

For Sing Me a Story (DE 3533), Delos has chosen from its catalog particularly appealing examples of stories in song that reveal a wide range of human situations, emotions and moods: love and loss, joy and despair, anger and acceptance, philosophical and political musings as well as tributes to special places—even blithe whimsy and humor!

We are treated to music by composers including Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten, Aaron Copland, Mark Abel and Ben Moore; stirring texts from poets like W. B. Yeats, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost; and gripping performances from such revered singers as Arleen Auger, John Aler and Hila Plitmann. These elements combine to take the listener on a richly rewarding musical journey that reveals the full beauty and power of stories in song.