Sounds on my Spirit
Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia

“…one of the most elevated, relaxing and inspiring musical experiences one could imagine…Each piece evokes a mood of tranquil serenity that lingers with the listener long after the disc has concluded.” Sensible Sound on Serene Ecstasy (DE 3264), the Choir’s first Delos release. 

Continuing the success of SERENE ECSTASY, Delos hopes to inspire with SOUNDS ON MY SPIRIT. This extraordinary collection of sacred music once again allows for moments of passion, peace, relaxation and reaffirmation. Chosen for the unique mix of Eastern mysticism and Western pathos, SOUNDS ON MY SPIRIT merges both traditions into the perfect listening experience. With the polyphonic settings and selected tracks recorded in surround placements, this sacred and profound recording motivates and also soothes. The Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia was founded in 1992 by Lev Kontorovich, at the end of the Soviet era, when long-forbidden freedom of religious expression was finally permitted. As a result, this Choir offers sacred performances with a special spiritual exaltation. It frequently performs in the great halls of Russia and Europe.
Tchaikovsky: The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom – The Creed / A Mercy of Peace / O Praise our God / Meet it is, in truth to bless thee 
Kastalsky: The Joyous Light 
Chesnokov: Praise ye the Lord; What is Thy Name; Save us, O Holy God; Meet it is, in truth to bless thee; Your Mercy we turn to, O Holy Virgin; The Cherubic Song (Safronievskaya) 
Kalinnikov: Joyful Light 
Koselev: Joyous Light Shchedrin: Da sviatitsya imya tvoe 
Kikta: The stars are falling in the night Schubert: Deutsche 
Messe: Das Gebet des Herrn – Zum Sanctus (Holy God) / Schlussgesang (Closing chant) 
Wolf: Resignation (Disillusih: Invention No. 8 
Mozart: Laudate Dominum from cantata Vesperae solennes de confessore