Verdi-Briccialdi: Operatic Fantasies for Flute and Piano

Raffaele Trevisani, piano; Paola Girardi, flute;

“I have known Raffaele Trevisani over a period of years, and do not hesitate to say that he belongs to the best of the flautists of the day. His perfect technique, beautiful singing tone and dedication to the art of music will ensure him a place of honor with the public and his colleagues.”

No faint praise, coming from the great Sir James Galway – who both taught Trevisani privately and presented him with a “golden flute” like his own. In Verdi-Briccialdi – Operatic Fantasies for Flute and Piano – Trevisani’s eighth album for Delos – you are likely to hear the most spectacular playing you’ve yet heard from him. Composer/arranger Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881) was also, no doubt, the finest Italian flute virtuoso of his day – as well as a leading pioneer in flute design.

Giuseppi Verdi (1813-1901) was, of course, Italy’s Romantic-era “king of opera,” and leading instrumental masters of his day mined his (and other composers’) operas endlessly, transcribing their most appealing themes and arias into virtuoso showpieces for their own (and others’) use. Such works, as here, often took the form of fantasies based mostly on multiple melodies. These fantasies draw from seven of Verdi’s finest efforts: Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Aida, Ernani, Don Carlo, Macbeth and Rigoletto. All but the Aida fantasy are heard here in world premiere recordings.

Joining Raffaele in these stunning performances is his regular musical partner, pianist Paola Girardi, who is also his wife: hence the intimate artistic rapport you will hear between them. This release will amaze, edify and entertain not only flute players and fans, but opera buffs as well – not to mention anybody else who gets a thrill from almost superhuman displays of virtuosity!

Operatic Fantasies Highlights:

  • World premiere recordings (except the Aida fantasy) of beautifully-crafted fantasies for flute on famous Verdi melodies from Italy’s preeminent Romantic-era flute virtuoso
  • Stunning virtuoso performances from Italy’s current reigning Maestro of the flute; sensitive and expert collaboration from pianist Paola Girardi
  • Strong potential appeal to masters, students and fans of the flute; also opera buffs.


Titles are translated from original Italian

  1. Fantasy for flute and piano on the opera Il Trovatore by Verdi
  2. Free transcription of Verdi’s Traviata for flute and piano
  3. Dramatic Fantasy for flute and piano on the opera Aida by G. Verdi
  4. Fantasy on Verdi’s Ernani for flute and piano
  5. Fantasy for flute and piano on the G. Verdi opera Don Carlo
  6. Fantasy on Verdi’s Macbeth for flute and piano
  7. Fantasy on Verdi’s opera Rigoletto for flute and piano