Voices of Ascension
Dennis Keene, conductor

The soaring musical visions of this 12th century mystic are sung by the remarkable women of Voices of Ascension, whose purity and beauty of tone are celebrated internationally. Unlike other recordings, instrumental or vocal counterpoints have not been added to Hildegard’s pure lines. Dennis Keene and Voices of Ascension have chosen to sing this beautiful, spiritual music without any modern adornments. The result is an experience both personal and transcendent.

Hildegard von Bingen:
O virga ac diadema (6:50)
O viridissima virga (4:10)
Vos Flores Rosarum (6:56)
O Ecclesia (8:42)
Columba aspexit (7:20)
Et Ideo (1:13)
O Euchari columba (5:37)
O Pastor animarum (1:34)
O clarissima mater (7:25)
Caritas Abundat (1:47)
O presul vere civitatis (7:44)
Ave, generosa (5:05)
Unde Quocumque (1:40)
O Ierusalem, aurea civitatis (10:27)