Delos Music Library Collection
Music is an invitation to explore a particular terrain, experience a certain mood or even take part in an adventure. When composers provide programmatic titles for their compositions, that terrain, mood or adventure comes to life perhaps more readily than when the score is without such signposts. We have, therefore, added descriptive titles to some of the works collected here in order to guide the listener along paths that seem to have a common destination: the great American West. As you listen to the music, then, you may find yourself on a grassy plain. You may find yourself deeply moved by the beauty of a great expanse, or your mind may revisit western legends. Wherever the paths lead you, experience the joy of discover and you too, in the tradition of Walt Whitman, will ‘hear America singing.’

Chapter One: Hoe-Down Copland: Rodeo, Hoe-Down
Chapter Two: On the Trail Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite, On the Trail
Chapter Three: Nightfall on the Prairie Copland: Corral Nocturne
Chapter Four: The Great Outdoors Copland: An Outdoor Overture
Chapter Five: The Pioneers Hanson: Symphony No. 3, Andante
Chapter Six: Billy the Kid Copland: Billy the Kid
Chapter Seven: Mount St. Helens – The Sleeping Volcano Hovhaness: Mount St. Helens, Andante

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